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“Success is not a coincidence!”


We are a group expert academics with 20 years of teaching experience on average. We share our expertise with students in helping them with their short and long term goals. What differentiates us is our vision and results. We consistently achieve students get accepted to top institutions such as MIT, Harvard, Cal-Tech., University of Toronto and help young professionals succeed in their careers. You will learn from a scientist who knows his field thoroughly.


We provide top-tier counseling and tutoring services in technology, science. Our tutors are authorities in their fields of specialization. We follow up on our students and provide them valuable guidance on the possible career paths they might want to pursue. Our service helps our students save time and energy and guarantee that they accomplish the highest outcome.


Learning could be fun or painful. Tutor's expertise, competence and passion for his job can vastly change the student's experience and rate of progress. We have been through times where there was not enough resources for students to learn and improve themselves. With the advent of internet, the majority of world's population now has access to information and technically one can learn everything from their bedroom. Yet, in this new era we are tackling with new problems such as being bombarded with all sorts of information, students might feel lost and not be able to determine which path to follow to accomplish their dreams. Lecturer provides a combined tutoring and academic/professional career mentoring service. Our primary goal is to understand the long term goals of the client/student and lay out a laser-focused roadmap to help clients to reach out their goals. For instance, if you are a high school student and want to be a doctor, you need to understand what it takes to be a doctor and what courses you have to zero in on and improve during high school studies. If you want to be a computer scientist, on the other hand, it would be a good idea to learn programming such as python before you step into college. Or say, you are a junior business intelligence analyst and you need to learn BI tools such as Tableau. All different scenarios require the assistance of specific professionals and we meet you with the right individual with specific expertise to help you understand and reach your goals. Lecturer only works with prescreened Ph.D. Tutors with ultimate expertise in their fields to provide an outstanding service that is above and beyond.